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OBEROn course
Dowload PowerPoint lessons:
- Lesson 1: Introduction
- Lesson 2: Features-Install & Configure
Workflow Management
OBEROn supports workflows: it manages and defines a series of tasks within an organization to produce final outcomes.
SVN Repository Connector
Users can share the application schema and maintain the current and the historical versions of administrative objects.
Dulcolax Mg Balance   Version 5.0.5 build 0076
Collaborative Platform
based on an object modeling framework:
  reduces the application development time
  represents the context domain closer to the real-world
  exploits the common relational / transactional database power
  web-oriented deployment
  shares data with mobile applications
Java Data Interfaces
provide the flexibility to manage any kind of information in any business context
  object oriented programming
  information flow control
  powerful data and file manipulation language
  user and role access management
Client-Server Structure
database access through web browsers, desktop or mobile applications
  translates high-level requests to standard SQL queries
  guarantees independence from database and file system
  manages distributed document repositories
  supports XML and SOA integrations
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  Android Applications
The new library suitable for Android S.O. includes all java OBEROn APIs. Developing mobile application to access company data/documents is now simply and fast: the full business logic is defined on server side, while the user interface on the mobile devices is dynamically updated.

Product Lifecycle Management

managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design, validate and manufacture, to service and disposal.
Document/Content Management System
tracking and storing electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. Provides storage, versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities.
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